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Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones

Sep 23rd, 2014

A new block on which is inscribed “2014” was recently added to the Georgia Guidestones. This eerie and mysterious monument just became even more eerie and mysterious.

Georgia guidestones 2014 addition1

A recent addition to the monument- a block on which is inscribed 2014 – was placed inside an indent between the English and the Spanish slab. While apparently trivial, this block nevertheless proves that the Guidestones is still updated by its sponsors and that its message is, more than ever, relevant in 2014.

Why is 2014 inscribed on that block? Will an event lead to the fruition of one of the Guidestones’ commandments in 2014? Considering the fact that the first commandment is about maintaining the world population under 500 million, this is somewhat disturbing.

Another recent addition to the monuments due to vandalism is camera surveillance.

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It is rather appropriate that a monument celebrating the New World Order is “under video surveillance at all times”.

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The Georgia Guidestones is therefore not abandoned but alive and well. The monument is maintained, updated and monitored. In short, the commandments inscribed on the stones are not a philosophical fantasy dreamt up by strange people 34 years ago, it is a concrete plan that is firmly believed in by the elite.

Update - September 28, 2014

The block was recently removed and destroyed by the authorities. It was then discovered that the other faces of the block were also inscribed.


As you can see, the faces are inscribed with 20, 14, 16, 8, MM and JAM. While some claimed that the insertion of this block was an act of vandalism, we can clearly see that it was removed and destroyed. 

Notch1 772664

Mystery georgia guide stone

Georgia guide stones 2014 block removal

Evidence is usually not destroyed on the spot (and given to bystanders). This block was therefore most likely added by the makers of the monument.

Georgia guidestones5


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