The Vril Society, and later the Nazis, organised expeditions to Tibet starting in 1926, ending in 1942 trying to contact the Cave Oracles of Tibet. These expeditions contacted the Adepts of Agarthi. In 1929 some of the adepts returned to Germany with the Germans and formed lodges in Berlin, Munich and Nuremburg, though some sources say that only a lodge in Berlin was formed.

Karl haushoffer

Karl Haushofer (General and Professor) of Geo-Politics infamy, was one of only three westerners ever, who have become members of the Green Dragon Society.

Haushofer was a military attaché in Tokyo when he joined before WW1.

Later Haushofer was a Nazi and was influential in forming Nazi racial policy. Haushofer was also a member of the Vril Society or Luminous Lodge. The Vril Society is supposedly one of the sources of the Nazi party with early party members overlapping with the Vril, Thule and other secret societies.

The Tibetan monks/adepts of Agarthi in Germany were known as the Society of Green Men. It's foremost adept was known as the Monk of the Green Gloves/Hands, who was renowned for his clairvoyant abilities and had mastered prophecy. Hitler had audiences with him.

The Society of the Green Men were apparently in astral contact with the Green Dragon Society, and had been for several centuries. The Green Dragon Society sent seven members to aid the Society of Green Men in Germany. The Green Men were to help further the Nazi cause and the projected mutation that would turn the Aryans into God-Men. The activities of the Green Men were under heavy Nazi security.

The Green Men fell out of favour in 1943/44. This may have due to the failure of the Tibetans to alter the course of the war, or it may have due to the involvement of Haushofer's son in the 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler. Some sources say that they were put on concentration camp rations. It is reported that when the Russians entered Berlin in 1945 they came across numerous bodies of Tibetans. They had all committed suicide by a knife stroke to the stomach. Some sources say the monks were in German uniform without insignia, other sources say they were naked. Because of his failure, Haushofer killed his wife and then committed seppuku himself at the end of the war, as would be expected by the Green Dragon Society.

The last remnants of the Society of the Green Men were eliminated in 1959 by the Communists after the Chinese annexation of Tibet in 1950.

There's a legend that Aryans, led by Thor, fled a cataclysm to settle in old Tibet. Sven Hedin, the Swedish explorer of Central and Inner Asia, went as far as Tibet. He was a friend of Hitler's and an outspoken admirer of National SocialistGermany. As we shall see, the NS regime must have known much about Tibet and to have maintained contacts with that remote nation. It is claimed that the SS sponsored various expeditions there, and this now seems likely given some of the connections which are finally being reliably discovered. That the Germans were permitted to enter a land forbidden to other foreigners is likely given that the Dalai Lama of the time was an enthusiastic admirer of Hitler.

Karlhaushofer rudolfhess

Karl Haushofer and Rudolf Hess.

As far back as the early 1920s when the National Socialism movement was struggling for power, the geopolitical theorist Prof. Karl Haushofer was teaching his pupils the geopolitical importance of Central Asia and Tibet. Among these pupils was Rudolf Hess who introduced Haushofer to Hitler at Landsberg Prison where the latter was confined as a result of the 1924 Munich Putsch. Haushofer had served on the Kaiser's Staff Corps in the Orient and had studied the mysticism of Japan and India. He believed the Indo-Germanic race had originated in Asia, and control of the region was pivotal to Germanic world power.

Thule emblem 3   Vril emblem 1

                                                      Thule and the Vril Society

At this time there were two occult societies operating in Germany which were to have a lasting impact on NS, and especially on the SS which was to set up a department specifically to explore occultic matters, Ancestral Heritage. These societies were Thule and Vril. The Vril society was based on the ideas expounded by the Rosicrucian Sir Bulwer Lytton in his book The Coming Race. Lytton claimed that there is a psychic energy of immense power, latent in most humans, but being utilised by adepts living in Tibet. It is claimed that Haushofer introduced Hitler to both the vril concept and his geopolitical ideas.

Intriguingly, there was already a Tibetan community resident in Germany with its own Lama.




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During the 1920s the Dalai Lama was Thutpen Gyatso. He was a scholar of impressive intellect who sought to achieve a balance between Western technology and Eastern spirituality. He had heard about Hitler when the NS movement was still struggling for power. Among the many European books the Dalai Lama had translated was Mein Kampf. He filled his copy with enthusiastic annotations and underlining of his favourite passages on virtually every page.


Of Hitler he said: The inji (honourable foreigner) is assisted by God for some high purpose in this life. 

He also believed there to be a synchronicity for the swastika being the symbol of both NS and the ancient Bon-Buddhism of his warrior monks. Also noted were certain similarities between NS and Buddhist doctrines, especially that service to one's folk is the highest purpose or dharma in life.

Therefore when Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 warm congratulations were received from far off Tibet.

According to Rudolf Hess, the Master Magician of the Third Reich was Karl Haushofer. (OSS Interrogation Archive document #12678 Nazi Occult Organizations) Prior to the Great War, Haushofer was attached to the Staff Corps of the German Diplomatic Mission in Tokyo. He was a clairvoyant of mystical inclination and during his tour of duty in Japan, the language of which he spoke fluently, was iniated into a Buddhist sect known as The Green Dragon. He left the Army following the defeat of 1918 in the rank of general and graduated in political geography at Munich University shortly afterwards. The periodical "Geo-Politicial Review" which he founded was dedicated to propagating the idea of Aryan supremacy, a belief he had embraced while travelling in Central Asia in 1905. Karl Haushofer believed that the Earth was a living being and a cosmic organism: the world was a system of undulating waves, matter was nothing more than vibration and energy. This is Hermetic doctrine. If an initiate of an esoteric monastic order professes Hermeticism, it is a safe bet that his order is Hermetic. A discilpline of Karl Haushofer was the Egyptian-born Rudolf Hess, a fantical vegetarian and abstemient, who served as his assistant at Munich University and was the intermediary between Haushofer and Hitler. The first meeting with the latter occurred in 1924 at Landsberg Prison. Subsequently Haushofer visited Hitler every day and spent hours expounding his theories. It was the doctrine of Haushofer which eventually formed the basis for "Mein Kampf", compiled by Hess at Hitler's dictation and published in 1925. That same year Haushofer founded an occult organization known as The Luminous Lodge of the Vril Society. Hitler was allegedly much impressed by Bulwer-Lytton's book, a copy of which he received in 1924 by Haushofer, who believed it contained occult truths dressed as fiction.

The German rocket scientist Willy Ley who left Germany in 1933 stated that the purpose of the Vril Society was to create the Aryan super-race. (Dr Willy Ley: Essay, Peuso-Sciences under the Nazi Regime, 1947) For this purpose a large contingent of Tibtan lamas with connections to the esoteric disciplines was invited to take up domicile in Berlin. They wore a green cap and gloves and one assumes there was a connection with Haushofer's Order of the Green Dragon in Japan. As it also had initiatory centres in Turkey for its clandestine connection with Islam through Sufi, Druze and Dervish doctrines it was also transreligious. The Tibetan lamas were not particularly secretive. The senior lama gave an interview to the "Berliner Zeitung" predicting correctly on three occasions the number of deputies that the NSDAP would send to the Reichstag. The French spy Teddy Legrande wrote extensively about these Tibetan lamas in Berlin his his book published in 1933, the year of his mysterious suicide. (Teddy Lagrande: Les sept tetes du Dragon Vert, Eds. Berger-Levrault, 1933) Hitler often made visits to one particular Tibetan lodge in Berlin where he consulted with the senior lama. (OSS Interrogation Archive document #12678 Nazi Occult Organizations)

Hess informed his OSS inquisitors that the Vril Society was an active occult organization drawn from the upper echelons of society: "There are all sorts of rumours that some sort of oriental monk is often seen around Nazy Party functions. He is a dark Tibetan who looks incredibly old and wizened. His eyes glow a faint green. He wears a black long woollen cloak with cap, belt and gloves of green. Hess confirmed what most occult experts believe, that the Nazi Party operates on a deeper level still, that perhaps a group of mystic lamas somewhere in Tibet might be the puppet-masters connected with the shadowy organization known as the Green Dragon."

Haushofer, the leading members of the Luminous Lodge, remained in Berlin with the supreme lama, known only as The Man with the Green Gloves, until the capitulation, when all the Tibetans died either as a result of enemy action or by ritual suicide. It was widely reported on 25 April 1945, for example, that Russian troops in the eastern sector of Berlin found in the ruins of a three-storey building the corpses of six Tibetans dressed in German military uniform without insignia and arranged in a circle around a dead Tibetan monk wearing a pair of bright green gloves. Before Berlin fell on 2 May the bodies of several hundred, some sources say up to a thousand, more Tibetans were found in similar circumstances. Haushofer ended his own life by ritual suicide in 1946.




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